Keying Systems

Keying Solutions:

Keying Systems

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The unauthorized duplication of keys is one of the greatest threats to key control within your facilities.

Asset Protection Partnership offers high-security keying systems include master-keyed systems, standard and patented interchangeable cores and keys, and key management software.

Patented keying systems provide much flexibility, which will enable you to customize a solution that fits your unique balance between convenience and security.

Patented cores provide one design which fits nearly every type of commercial locking hardware:  rim cylinders, mortise cylinders, cylindricals, dead bolts, padlocks, and cabinet locks.

Keying Systems

Key core control software offers convenience, functionality, and security, with the added ability to operate in a network configuration.

Interchangeable core security establishes highly controlled access with a customized master key plan and a key control program to ensure highly convenient access with an interchangeable core.